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TEAM NOTICE has more choices to offer that the older source at Secure Server Network however it also comes with issues and problems we don’t like. Here may be a work-around if you need those 10X TLD names.

  1. We don’t like the login and the way it sends info over to another domain server.
  2. We don’t like the over 100 spam that hits new domain buyers within a week.
  3. So you should ask for a free email and privacy account, use that email to register the domain with the scamtrax company. (actually we can do that for you just ask.)

TEAM Alternative PURCHASE GREAT DOMAINS. Here we are beta testing our site running a licenced wild west domian plugin and god addy backend support business.

Everything you need for your own business @ $500 a year. BUY AWESOME DOMAINS Read up here on wholesale buyer and reseller.

There is about a $125 rebate and $400 in advice and training. Make sure you don’t buy any business license online without calling us and speaking to someone in charge in person. We don’t accept unfit franchisee so save your money. We can help some people get in shape for a reasonable time cost fee. This is for real part timers, and big players who know how to make mountains of cash with us. Slow Joe No Go.

WordPress is a state-of-the-art publishing platform because it is simple to learn and easy to use. With a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability, WordPress core system is both free of charge (comes with hosting) and priceless at the same time. provides installed WordPress with unlimited hosting @ $65 per year.

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More simply stated, WordPress is what you use when you want to work with your web content and control software, not fight with it.

WordPress started back in 2003 with a single bit of code to enhance the typography of everyday writing and with fewer users than you can count on your fingers and toes. Since then it has grown to be the largest self-hosted blogging tool in the world, used on hundreds of thousands of sites and seen by tens of millions of people every day.

The GPL from the Free Software Foundation is the license that the WordPress software is under. Free consultation to aid in buying a great SEO cluster of domain names and pointing them to your main traffic site for just $65 a year unlimited space unlimited sub-domains, including 256+ easy one button install web programs and services. Domain Parked up to five domain names for free.

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