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TEN WRAPS AROUND THE SUN ends 10 years later

I began on Nov 11, 2009 (Canadian Remembrance Day) with my 10-year plan to end in 2019. This is how it happened.

As far as I knew I had a 5% chance of making it through stage 4 cancer. I was likely to die from cancer or the treatment. I made a video for my youngest nieces and nephews so they could meet me after I passed away.

Now I needed to secure a way they could watch it. So I devised a plan to stream my show on a website. I would put the address and a password in my last will an testament. They would get it when they were old enough.

I prepaid for server for 10 years with a 10 year maintenance contract.

Then I showed this guy here because as it turned out I had bought far more web server than I actually needed.

We contracted 10 year servers upgrades and maintenance for 6 servers. Then we did the math and auctioned off the resources in WHM/CPanel accounts.

Within a few years we moved to the cloud and then to the SSD hosting. Then we sold shares to a managing company so we could retire onto other projects in open source for business ventures.

ADVICE: you can purchase or transfer your domain names to us BUT DON’T. We are not the typical Group. Other companies make millions of your endless mistakes and assumptions when you buy without expert help.

If you tell us the name you want, be ready to have us reject it and the few dollars we could have had because we might have to tell you that name is not good, not a valuable as you think or too close to something else you don’t want to be associated with. We need to earn your faith in us not your few dollars from a sale.


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Hybrid Website Concierge @

Wholesale Domain Reseller Plans – is becoming a reseller worth the cost?

WordPress Developer
Up to 5 sites and packed with pro features. 5 websites 50GB SSD storage 800,000 monthly visitors One-click staging site SSH/SFTP Search engineā€¦

$24.99 / per month

Learn more @ PGD… opens a separate tab

You pay for 5 sites and use one for 1 client, develop their WordPress with plugin leverage, powerful free and affordable plugins available that can create any website you could imagine in less than an hour.

  • Save your settings and installations so tasks become automated by you.
  • Sell one account for $30 a month, with e-comm shopping cart.
  • Your cost of 5 is paid for by one, plus all your development income on top

You and your small business now have 4 entire accounts to create that can gain you 100% of the sale as profit, after you pay yourself for your time.


Resellers are set up for about $400 and you get about 10,000 hours of expert advice and instruction if you want it. We will offer you a future seat at the table in our technology star programs.

Associates are set up for $97 a month with a 12-month commitment to education and breaking even in the first month after the micro-franchise is set up. $1,165.*

You must also qualify for interviews and have skills we need to expand our database offering. You need a decent mailing list to add to the CRM. and you need the SMART test of smart money attitude resourceful time (and timing).


A small office home office (SOHO) Image upgrade package. You get a cloud business phone number in the location of your major markets or most clientele. Calls now are treated like the big companies only can, yet you are a laptop company, that is the beginning of your upgrade. You sell this for $390 a year or $1.08 a day.

In the SOHO Image Upgrade, you also receive the website you need, a really good one, created in a bidding process with escrow to secure the job is completed to satisfaction of the project request.

The associate may branch out in two legs and they may do the same. When this 2×2 occurs the first time, this associate moves to an all winners team and is guaranteed up to 143% return over cost of the program. It is a secret never before program once in a lifetime opportunity. Although it is simple you have never seen this before now.

It could change how you think about doing business and earning a living in the future.

Associates are also invested in sensors, drones, e-bikes and all kinds of fringe science technology. Technolgy is high-risk high return as long as you have a team of nerds to advice on this stuff, it usually pays off 19 out of 20 times. Tech pays fast and large.

You look at cryptocurrency and you think you see money, but what you are really looking at is tech. The last 100 billionaires all tech. How much tech do broke people have in their portfolio? none. How much tech should you own in your portfolio? That’s up to you, I like 15%. With my returns, I invest in Health. With the returns from both of those, I invest in energy.

So I invest in my own tech fund which invests in a dozen cool areas. Then I invest in health tech and delivery systems. Then I invest in energy tech and conservation systems.

If you want to do that with me you cannot because I am not a broker. I have no licenses. If I say the wrong words it could be misunderstood. So all I will do is my business.

Now, do I have to show anyone my business?

No. I have too many contacts and trade secrets. I am a human directory of the rich and famous. You cannot look at my business to see how I actually invest.

But you know me, always looking for a way to be free. So yes if you happened to be an associate, an independent sales representative or a producer bidding on my projects that come through the office, then I could have you on my newsletter list and you could learn a thing or two. I would send you a link, not an email full of private information. You don’t do that in the modern age. We stopped doing that 20 years ago.

$1,165 is $97 a Month to cover costs from profits and the rest is yours as income. 

If you focus on setting up 2 more micro-franchises in the first couple days, and follow up to immediately help them do the same, you will end the week in a positive cash flow for the rest of the year. ONLY if you do complete a 2×2 in 7 days. owns and this link takes you to a list of 4 WordPress Hosting Packages available.

TEAM NOTICE, and are the same company. However, they are supplied by different sources. 

Do not send customers to directly at this time.

Team Members can get at backoffice account and shop the product as a concierge for your clients. So if you look at the larger catalog of products on we can walk you through it or buy something for your client for you, Caveat, this service always requires a preloaded cash account, always requires a ssl certificate and always requires a DNS privacy ticket. There are no exceptions. has more choices to offer that our original and older source at Secure Server Network, also known as the old GoDaddy that is now going to hosted on Amazon CLoud.

however, it also comes with issues and problems we don’t like. Here may be a workaround if you need those 10X TLD names.

  1. We don’t like the login and the way it sends info over to another domain server.
  2. We don’t like the over 100 spam that hits new domain buyers within a week.
  3. So you should ask for a free email and privacy account, use that email to register the domain with the ScamTrax company. (actually, we can do that for you just ask.)

TEAM Alternative PURCHASE GREAT DOMAINS. Here we are beta testing our site running a licensed wild west domain plugin and god addy backend support business.

Everything you need for your own business @ $500 a year. BUY AWESOME DOMAINS Read up here on wholesale buyer and reseller.

There are about a $125 rebate and $400 in advice and training. Make sure you don’t buy any business license online without calling us and speaking to someone in charge in person. We don’t accept unfit franchisee so save your money. We can help some people get in shape for a reasonable time cost fee. This is for real part-timers and big players who know how to make mountains of cash with us. Slow Joe No Go.

WordPress is a state-of-the-art publishing platform because it is simple to learn and easy to use. With a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability, WordPress core system is both free of charge (comes with hosting) and priceless at the same time. provides installed WordPress with unlimited hosting @ $65 per year.

  1. Step One: First, Call us at the Vancouver Number or use this contact form to get Expert Advice.
  2. Step Two: Do nothing with anyone else or any other company until you have talked with the top web producers in computing since 1981, online IT since Adam, and building fortunes online in business since Eve.

Simply stated, WordPress is what you use when you want to “work with” your web content and control software, not “fight” with it.

WordPress started back in 2003 with a single bit of code to enhance the typography of everyday writing and with fewer users than you can count on your fingers and toes. Since then it has grown to be the largest self-hosted blogging tool in the world, used on hundreds of thousands of sites and seen by tens of millions of people every day.

The GPL from the Free Software Foundation is the license that the WordPress software is under. Free consultation to aid in buying a great SEO cluster of domain names and pointing them to your main traffic site for just $65 a year unlimited space unlimited sub-domains, including 256+ easy one button install web programs and services. Domain Parked up to five domain names for free.

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